Wax, Wood  28" x 24" x 6"  2014
 6 Life-size latex figures, 6 Televisions displaying ongoing static  2015   
 Plexiglass, Wax, Hair Gel, Baby Bracelets, Table, Clipboard, Child Growth Tracking Charts  48" x 36" x 24"  2014     Baby bracelets identify the names, birth dates, and parents of Mao Tse Tung, Martin Luther King Jr., Benazhir Bhutto,  Mother Teresa, Saddam Hussein and Adolf Hitler. Child Growth charts track their histories.
 Latex  108" x 28" x 28"  2015
 Paper, Wire, Astroturf  Overall dimensions: 120" x 84" x 66"  2015
 Clay, Wood, Paracord  96" x 54"  2015   
 Wood, Wax, Papier-mache  Overall dimensions: 48" x 144" x 36"  2013
     “Monitored” is an installation based on the subject of surveillance.         For this project, a seemingly innocuous analog TV sits upon a VCR and DVD player, a setup common in most parents’ or grandparents’ homes.  On the TV airs static.  The voice of Edward Snowden begins an audio collage of various personalities discussing the realityof U.S. government surveillance: “What would it take for you to leave everything behind?”.  Unbeknownst to the viewer (at first), as he watches the TV, a webcam lies hidden inside the VCR, secretly filming him, and, through the use of a micro-computer, sending the image to the internet.  The knowledge that he is being watched is revealed to him slowly throughout the video, a menacing “Smile, You’re on Camera” sign appearing through the TV static, until, arriving at the video’s end, the viewer’s live image appears on the screen itself.  At the bottom of the frame, a link to a Facebook page directs the viewer to find that not only is the image being broadcast to himself, but also onto a live-streaming event on Facebook.